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Best Settings to Verify A LOT of Emails

I have several 100k emails that I need to verify. Each domain has roughly 250 emails that needs to be verified.

My questions are...
1) best settings (number of connections, timeouts)
2) recommended number of proxies to go through 100k per day


  • SvenSven
    1) don't touch that ... number of connectiony by smtp server should always be 1
    2) well the problem is to find proxies that allow smtp access. Almost all you can buy do not allow this.
  • 1) Haha, okay
    2) Hmmm, well is there any proxy service I *should* (you recommend) be using with this?

    My end goal is to process these as fast as possible
  • SvenSven
    2) hidemyip was offering a premium service that i used successfully in the past. many other use it as well for email verification but you get mixed results with that, depending how many use it at a time.
  • What about IPVanish ? seems it's really fast and reliable.
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