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Turn off processing if proxies not working?

edited February 2013 in Feature Requests
@Sven -Was just hit with warning from my home ISP for spam. They stated my ip in the warning. I use 20 dedicated proxies and public proxies as backup-running no more than four SER projects at a time. Have no idea how my ip slipped through but it did. I constantly check my proxies and most are always working so again I have no idea how this happened. Losing my home ISP would be a big problem so I have stopped running SER.

I know VPS is an option but I am a very light user and that seems overkill.
Is it possible to add a feature to suspend SER processing if it detects that no proxies are in place? Something that absolutely prevents your ip from being used.


  • there is an option about not using your IP even if all proxies are bad.
  • ronron
    I just looked and couldn't find that. Any idea where?
  • @ron, take a look at bellow...

    You can find it at proxy options tab..
  • The option is "Automatically disable bad proxies on use", uncheck this option.
    Even if you use private proxies, sometimes they can be unreachable or timeout and after some time you end up with no proxies and SER use your real IP.
  • Did you have that option checked @Mike ?
  • edited February 2013

    I do not have that option checked and never have.

    I think what is happening is that all 20 of my dedicated proxies are going down intermittantly, all of the proxies still remain enabled and checked, and SER continues to process - even though none of the proxies are actually working. Then my IP is being used - not good.

  • @sven . . . is that really possible, like @Mike is suggesting?  Doesn't seem logical to me, but it makes me a bit nervous, as I'm running of my home ISP as well.  
  • ronron
    @darman82 - Yeah, that's the disable feature which you should leave unchecked. I thought there was a new box like sootninjas suggested which would have been news for me.
  • edited February 2013
    Yes it would be crucial in my situation to have another check box that says:

    "Suspend all processing if none of your proxies are working"

    That would safeguard my ip under all circumstances and allow me to continue running SER at home.

    I'll just keep my fingers crossed that Sven can do something like this, otherwise it's time to go VPS shopping.
    Or I could add a few hundred public proxies to be safer, but then my 20 dedicated private ones won't be used very much.
  • "Or I could add a few hundred public proxies to be safer"

    Very bad idea, public proxies are not safe.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    There should be a failsafe like disable proxies, unless number is below 10, etc. 
  • +1

    Until reading this thread, I thought I was proxy safe.

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