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3.4 million links and re-verifying them.

edited August 2016 in Need Help
I have SER set to re-verify links anywhere from every 24 hours to 3 days depending on tiers. Does SER really re-verify all 3.4 million links? 

I've also let SER just re-verify links for a few days straight but can it really reach all 3.4 million "verified" links I have made over the years? 

What would be the best way to get all links verified if SER doesn't check all of them?


  • SvenSven
    well depends on your number of threads you really should reverify them in a more shorted interval as it is a waste of resources building links to tiers that are broken.
  • I'm using 300 threads. Should I re-verify every couple of hours? 
  • SvenSven
    naw, to me every 24h is a good setting.
  • At some point it will get through all 3.4 million links though?
  • SvenSven
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