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Using GSA for automatic Backlinks using Sitemap / Rss Feed provide automatic social backlinks  using wordpress plugin that get urls from the blog rss feed.
Can we use GSA to automatically get backlinks to new post from a blog using  the site rss feed or sitemap.xml

How to set this up  >Settings > Url > RSS feed ?
i cant get this to work. Can someone, please help. some screenshots would be helpful



  • SvenSven
    Instead of using an URL in the project data, you simply would click EDIT and choose the wanted item to add an RSS feed or sitemap. SER will then read that URL, extract links and titles and use them to build links.
  • hi Sven, how to import url target using sitemap? I can't figured it out after trying a couple hour.
    I've add sitemap folder, *.xml file link, etc. And it gives me NA activity for this project. 

    looking for help. Thanks
  • SvenSven
    give me the URL in pm and I check if it's working over here.
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