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Senuke TNG

I had great success with first version in 2008 but nowadays, someone tried the new Senuke TNG ?


  • too many problems and bugs.  not totally beta tested.
  • manubossmanuboss
    Ok so for the moment i carry on with rankerx, it's an amazing soft and often update.
  • SvenSven
    whats the price of this software anyway? Still monthly payment and above SER ?
  • manubossmanuboss
    no doubt Sven, GSA is a beast , especially for tier 2 and further, or tier 1 with pr jacker, posting on site with TF.
    Just wondering... I believe it's about $147/ month , WTF ;-)
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    Yeah Senuke was ALWAYS overpriced. I think you can get a better deal from FCS (And of course SER) if your trying to build lots of web 2.0s
  • manubossmanuboss
    FCS , i used to use this tools but since it's was selling to another guy , it's become worst than before , no ?
  • Water pistol compared to SER real machine gun lolz
  • up to 2012 was a golden age for SEnuke, even until 2013 I was killing it with just Senuke XCR alone. 

    But, it gobbled up captcha credits like a crazy and most default sites were owned by the team and made parked domains/revamped so that they made silly money. I only found this out from looking into my old lists as I used to keep everything, and noticed that many of them had the same Analytics code which led me to that conclusion that the Senuke team (or someone) owned a high % of the sites that millions of people were blasting links to. Clever stuff - get 1000s of people to pay $147pm (or $2k one-off) and boost your sites for you, then wait 6 months and remove all OBLs - surprised no one else noticed. I got banned from the SEnuke forum for mentioning that and all traces of my posts deleted (not with this username I might add).

  • manubossmanuboss
    WTF why i don't think about that sooner ;-) 
  • Felix86Felix86 Los Angeles
    Go for money robot .. It's pretty simple than XCR... But has lot of web 2.0 success rate.
  • manubossmanuboss
    you don't prefer rankerx to money robot ?
  • money robot was doing the same thing, they built a network to post too.
  • I remember a Fiverr where you could get around 1,000 article and press release links. Looked at a report. There were 5 IPs with no unique C class
  • echanney usa

    You mean they build their own network like senuke guys ? Can you more explain ? Money robot also updating their web2.0 engines almost everyday. I have lifetime license and works fine my end.

    Ranker X also good.I  have tried but since i have money robot i didn't want to pay for that : )

    Money Robot - GSA SER with good pa,da,tf from @vkp1988 list - All junks except indexers ,trackbacks

    Hinkys catchalls with MR/SER

    i am experiencing this as very effective strategy with low - medium competition niches
  • manubossmanuboss
    do you target good TF website or either DA ?
  • edited August 2016
    lol Money Robot is just junk. They buy their own domains and let you guys post to them. This is not a real problem but the real problem is they just host these sites on a handful of cheap hosting with a small handful of IP addresses). I did it the same way when I cooperate with linkemperor and I feel sorry for their customers :D
     99% are spammy sites that they own. Just very curious why there are still people paying for it (last time I checked there were about 100 users that use 2captcha via MR). That says a lot about how dumb a lot of people in SEO are (just like in trading).
  • like I said earlier they're posting to they're own network of sites
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    If you REALLY want to knock the 2.0s out of the park, make your own engine files! Svens actually made it pretty frickin' easy to do. I dont know why the community never got behind it and released hundreds.


    As for a really good out of the box solution, I cannot think about one.

    I think Zennoposter still has a pretty active forum, and they have tons of 2.0 templates for sell in the BST section. I've not used it in years though. Aside from that, I have no big recommendations.

    Senuke and MoneyRobot are definitely underwhelming though; and FCS is ok at best. I think Senuke is probably the worst of the lot, simply because of the insane pricing. They have ALWAYS been after the "Clickbank" crowd. The guys who know nothing, and literally got referred to them by Mike Filsaime or some other guru shuckster.

    Dont get me wrong; I bought it at a certain point to. But only the once.
  • Anyone seen its $77 right now would you even bother ? I was thinking of getting it but maybe just pay for RankerX again?

    What do you guys think?
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    If senuke tng was free, I still wouldn't pay for it! lol

    I still have the lifetime license and every few months, I test it out to see how many links it makes. It's still bugged, crashes often before a campaign finishes, and produces hardly any links. That's with the built in site list. Try adding your own sites in there, and it crashes even quicker. I've yet to finish a single campaign without it crashing atleast once. senuke is only good for its list of web 2.0 profiles. Beyond that it is just a failed imitation of gsa ser. Their list of SN premium sites is a joke.

    TNG vs xcr: not much has changed, a crowd searching module and a new way to manage your content. The UI and function of the software is identical to before. Hence why it still crashes lol

    @judderman They banned me too a few years ago as myself and a few others kept saying how great gsa ser was with its list of features, speed of submissions, sites and options and they kept censoring the word "gsa ser" and replacing it with "senuke" on their forum.  lol so childish. Instead of rising up to the challenge of making their tool better to compete, they just censored every mention of competing software tools on their forum.

    With every update, they would add "new sites" that hadn't been vetted properly, some of which weren't even indexed in google. 

    I tried rankerx recently and I must say I definitely preferred it to senuke. I love the user interface, so easy to use and keep things organised. Aside from the web 2.0 list, there wasn't much unique about the tool, as it still supports the same platforms that senuke do. With sockets it does run superfast and testing a site list of a few thousand links for verified links didn't take long at all. But the monthly payments...not so keen on, so I dropped the subscription, as I was only paying to make use of the web 2.0 sites. All the other platforms are in gsa ser anyway.
  • Thanks @sickseo I was never keen when I first ever saw it way back in 2008!

    Its like a TOMY toy for kids and warrior forum members will buy it :)

    I used to have RankerX did very well with it but yeah $39 a month was hefty - if he dropped price I may go for it again.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited October 2017
    "...they kept censoring the word "gsa ser" and replacing it with "senuke" on their forum. " -@sickseo

    Are you serious? That's just strange.   :o   Why didn't they just delete the comment? lol

    Weird censorship rules on that forum, for sure... :p

  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    Seriously...I kid you not! We had to keep coming up with new ways of writing "gsa ser" to get around their censorship. Eventually a group of us left and started our own discussion on a private forum. It was the only way to communicate without censorship. Shortly after that they deleted my account and hundreds of my was literally an seo encyclopedia on there....and they deleted it all.

    Comments did get deleted too. I got several warnings about it...referring to competing software on their forum is a big no no. If you are a member on their forum, try it and see what happens! lol
  • I am thinking of trying rankerx now
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited October 2017
    @fredpanda: why?

    I have no experience wit these other link gen platforms, but from this post I see some were a scam (posting to THEIR and others are described as being good for web 2.0.

    TBH, I can't understand the advantage of these programs over GSA-SER.

    Especially now, with SEREngines for web 2.0s, which works well and gets even better with time, what's the advantage?

    For anyone thinking of buying...I am NO shill. 

    I just see how meticulously GSA-SER is maintained, updated constantly, and @Sven's support is incredible. And the program itself is super-stable and masterful, really.

    I have used SEO software (not mentioned above in this post) from others.  Some is good, some is OK, but none have such good support, none are as stable, and none are as feature-rich as SER-GSA.

    Think on all this before you buy...

  • @fredpanda  Stay away from that shit. They now post to their own crappy blog network.  1+ for serengines 
  • @OrlandoWise I heard rankerx can create wordpress, tumblr etc blogs automatically and post to them.
  • jonesphilip49jonesphilip49 New York
    edited March 2020
    Someone tried the new RankerX  version2.0?

    They just sent to me an email for downloading at 

    I don't know how to setup it and also no video tutorials for this new version.
  • Someone tried the new RankerX  version2.0?

    They just sent to me an email for downloading at 

    I don't know how to setup it and also no video tutorials for this new version.

    Use the force young padawan...
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