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Don't use GSA Proxy scrapper - solidseovps adviced me

VMartVMart Natural SEO
edited August 2016 in GSA Proxy Scraper
GSA proxy scrapper the demo version I was using a solidseovps is banned my VpS service, He told them not to use VPS scrapper proxy in the GSA.
What should I do? Is there any solution
GSA proxy scrapper is very helpful to me harvest google passed proxies  / metric obtaining domain authority ......
VPN, which is better?
I feel solidseovps not have some comfortable, I'm planing to stop the solidseovps service
I already raised a question at
24July2016 until @Sven not replied how to block unwanted proxy in gsa proxy scrapper.
@solidseovps not fully support to run gsa ser products then why he promote him service in this forum????
(Already I have raised the complaint in this forum the solidseovps never replied, Sales are only coming, if the problem is he does not care gsa ser clients, The reason I bought gsa ser use his server to keep in mind
solidseovps )

For sales how much he interest read it.



  • edited August 2016

    We never banned your service, its active, you asked us that your ip is keep getting blocked when you are scrapping with your vps ip and that you are using a demo version. So we told you that your should not use your vps ip to scrape with it and if you do, it will be a netscan, your ip will keep getting blocked and to do it locally

    Seems you just want to blame anyone but yourself for not knowing what you are doing

    Anyway we will go ahead and terminate this vps and refund you

    We wish you to find a suitable providers for your requests

  • shaunshaun
    @solidseovps have some of the best customer support I have ever dealt with in this industry, just saying.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    I have no idea who is at fault, but it is worth noting that @webm200 is completely incoherent and probably clueless. @solidseovps, on the other hand, has provided me with plenty of servers with no issue. Just saying.
  • @shaun @redrays thank you for your business
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    edited August 2016
    Deal @Solidseovps

    I'm suffered of you, not @shaun @redrays

    Today you have deleted my solidseovps client login, My IP also not login now, This is your revenge.
    Public consumer complaint forums, online press report will be sent to all places and report about your company.Do not show me your game.

    Shaun and Redrays Do not know about the one who recommended him to anyone. Seven recommend, so that's why I'm trapped to him, You see the problem with you, if the closing does not help if possible. I only have a loss of money/energy/time. You know what the loss of my pain.

    Solidseovps Cast as the good guy here. gsa ser complaint forum saw my post, my client login / ip delete everything was done. slidseovps I think you have to show your pride for your risk. I warn you.


  • @webm200

    We dont understand half of what you write, Probally this is why you are going all over the place

    First you asked us to close your service you can check here we were trying to help even before you go here on this forum, which wont change anything for us

    Also the promise for sending your money back, thats another lie because an email was sent to you with the refund detail

    So what is the issue here? you asked to have the service close, we refunded you why we should keep your account active?!!

    I hope this ends here because this is our last reply to you
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    Hello don't act,
    When I asked to return the money to you. I have informed you that you have not facility to run the gsa ser products (gsa proxy scraper). Can my service closed.. I asked you technical solution only.

    I'm purchase your service only for running gsa ser mind it, your system not have such facility what should I do. All of your answers is arrogant,It's because of that I can reply to you with arrogance.I sent you a technical solution ticket If your system how many issues have been voiced in the wrong answer. You felt it right.

    Note:Gsa ser products run to you if you do not have the facilities to do that, why the products selling forums open.
    Who was I'm your customer, not your enemy.
  • vignesh676vignesh676 Mumbai,India
    webm200  Please tone down your threat language and be more civil as it is without any moral substance. With this attitude instead of providing you help and solution people will shy away from you. After going through the comment chain links in your first comment, I can see that @solidseovps had been kind enough to also provide you a discount and yet you are screaming.
    GSA Proxy scraper uses real ip to find proxies, so blaming @solidseovps is illogical for ip block. it will happen in any service you use. you need to balance out the number of threads to use and the frequency for checking proxies to avoid ip blocks.

    P.S I am not a marketer but a customer of @solidseovps and  have paid the full amount with no discounts.
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO

    Before I tell you advise, and see what is going on.

    Am new to this filed,What is a proxy? What vps? With the experience and am now doing.solidseovps made my ip block, I made ticket submit after release ip block. It's like I can not do that every time, ip related to the issue of how to solve the solution is to give him customers, I am a user non-technician.
    And I am not ignorant what manner, solidseovps reply gives me irritable, he is very arrogant, he is not my enemy, GSA Ser proxy scrapper does not work if his server for why he wanted to do his service gsa ser forum.
    I am about to put the screen shot you see, read, gsa ser scrapper, gscrapper is saying publicly that it does not work from his server.

    I was his customer, that he wants to resolve the problems that may come to my knowledge that's not even to him. If you have had enough of his products sales, Hopefully I talked to him just to teach anymore, I hope that he will behave as polite to a him other customer.

    I do use public proxy is dry as PR Check, tell him that he is a coward to face the problem can not hold back my money is sent.
  • vignesh676vignesh676 Mumbai,India
    webm200  do you type or do you use a spinning software after you type your comments.  It is  difficult to comphrehend your sentences.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @vignesh676 - asking the question we were all wondering :)
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    Listen Mera Mumbai Dosth Vignesh,
    My aim is to get the money back from him. Payment by credit card agent just sent will go to their bank account. Money does not matter.

    Read this link :

    He has dismissed my ip access, After the ticket submit to him, and gave it back access. For sales came running and he did, there was a problem in the absence.

    Even now he can not meet the issue and send money back to my left is like a coward.
    IP abuse issue to know what to do if he could not be explained. He's the one who made me speak of this size, He is not my enemy.
  • vignesh676vignesh676 Mumbai,India
    @webm200 - Please fool proof your english wordings. Are you typing in Hindi and then translating to english. If yes than I would suggest you catch hold of the translating software owner first. It would be helpful as English by itself is a funny language. You are making it now look crazier. ;)
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    edited August 2016
    vignesh676 I do not want to fight with you, I did not come here for that, Can you tell?, What is your problem???

    If you can read English I have done according to type.If you are unable to keep your ch.... lid.

  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    edited August 2016
    It can end with this discussion.

    **************    **********************
    I take care of solidseovps in BHW.
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