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Antispam method for gsa ser

Yes its stolen idea from xrumer but imporvment .. a lot .
While with xrumer you need to have a database for autoreply to post from forums here in gsa ser i'll post the improvment of my idea .
To "google it" and find the best suitable repley ..

For example. lets take my site and we assumed i have open the comment box.
This page speak for web design and ofcourse i won't let any comment above to say how good is this article and blah blah bhal ..
Insteed of that i let comment stay if says for example .. hey dude and if want 2 sites on wordpress can you make any discount ;;
Its a focus on my main article comment ... its ask for specific reason discount on wordpress sites .. ofcourse i'm happy to left the comment stays.

1st example lets say my link above speak for web desing , then gsa ser must google to find question to ask about my article, as 1. how many days you need to build an eshop site with more or less 60 products ? 2. can we modofie the page in the future if i buy now ; any additional cost ? .. and so on ... 

2nd example
lets say my page speak about hardware and someone ask where to find the i7-3820 cpu and gtx 760 black edition graphic card , then gsa ser crawl the web for this products and post the links from amazon for example . this link - .   this is a comment that won't delete by any admin , and none gonna say that is bot .

3rd example . let gsa ser analyze your site , every page every product , lets say you have an eshop site and you selling hardware product .. when you find those questions as where to find the i7-3820 cpu and gtx 760 black edition graphic card you can always place your link insteed of amazon's link ... 

Is it good idea ??


  • SvenSven
    A good idea but way to complicated to code this. In the end you have to code the following:

    1. extract questions or last comments from websites (it's different from all)
    2. try to understand what this text is all about
    3. search without getting blocked by SE
    4. find the correct answer on the result pages
    5. hope that this is all makeing sense and post it

    To be honest, getting point 1 done is hard as Im already coding on this for some time now for a different upcoming tool. This is not a trivial thing.
  • well sure i can't code it , but since i know tha basic on how codes undestand prety much everything i can share more ideas to make it happen.

    For instance ..

    1. The symbol "?" will help undestand that is question | A line or 2 after the word (I want to ask .. I want help .. I need to ask ... etc ) its define that is a question .
    2. You don't need to undestand everything , you will just need a database with some words that we already know what all about is . 
    | example.| hi there everyone , i want to build a pc and i want to ask if q6600 is campatibility with p5l asus .. any opinions ?
    | GSA SER | will indetify the word "ask" and the "opinions" as question becouse those 2 words together in the same line in most of the cases this is what they clarify. - |GSA SER| will find the word p5l asus and from the db will know that is motherboard , in q6600 will know its cpu becouse it found it in the same line with the motherboard . |GSA SER| found the word campatibility , and in the other hand it also found the words p5l asus and q6600 .. will extract those words together q6600 - asus p5l campatibility and it will search on SE.

    3. you will need proxies ...

    4. its more the same as 2.

    5. it will not .. it takes time to make this project alive .
  • Interesting idea
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