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Verifying not working, freezes.

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Show URLs -> Verified

Verify -> All URLs

GSA will not complete the task, when I press "abort," it hangs on "Wait"

I've tested it on 3 GSA setups, all have the same problem, running on completely different PCs.
@sven Thanks!



  • SvenSven
    sorry for this...will fix it asap...just realized the problem here.
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    @sven it seems this error still happens. It now happens when a link times out during manual verification, GSA will not abort, will not skip the link, will not cancel the process, it just freezes and won't work.

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    It seems whenever a link times out, instead of aborting, or moving past it, GSA refuses to do so, thus causing the freeze.

    Seems it has nothing to do with the amount of links, but if there's one single link that times out, GSA freezes and won't abort.
  • I too facing this, verification works without proxies so change it in settings uncheck use proxy to work !
  • SvenSven
    you still mean verification from show verified urls dialog right?
  • yes sven ! i too contacted you on mail , you said ur off right now !
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    @sven Yes, manual verification. With proxies enabled, if GSA times out on a link, it will not allow the process to be ended. I can re-create this error over and over, if I skip links that timeout when checking, it completes successfully. But if even one link times out, the process freezes and GSA must be force closed.
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    Seems like i'm having the similar problem with verification, not sure what the issue is other that after a while projects simply sit in N/A (freezes) and no emails are getting checked and verified.  
  • I am facing the same issue, really annoying, I have to shut down GSA ser everytime..
    Please fix it.
  • SvenSven
    just stop manually verifying for a while and i will fix it as soon as im back from vacation. As written before, the speed is horible to do any efficient coding from here.
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    @sven, would they be good to drop back a version?

    If you go into the Program files/GSA folder Sven keeps a copy of the last version in there guys. (Gsa Search Engine Ranker Old.exe or something)


  • SvenSven
    depends on what version that is, the bug should be in previous version as well.
  • my version is 11:06 think I'm missing in the configuration
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