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Can I use T1 articles to T2,T3

After creating Tier 1 to tier 2..spun article in Tier 1 is send to Tier 2,3.

Tier 1 spun article can be used in Tier 2,3 otherwise I need to build separate individual article for tier 1,2,3


  • Not sure of your exact question, but how I do it is:
    Tier 1 = PBN = manually written articles. Manually spun if shared.
    Tier 2 = Web 2.0 + some limited SER = scraped and spun, with manual edits.
    Tier 3 = SER = heavily spun
    Seems to work for me in a fairly competitive niche. But, my MS is 10+ years old and my PBN's range from 3 - 9 years in age.
    If I were churn + burn only, I would still separate out Tier 1 from higher tiers for content and spinning. Not really that much more work.
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