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How Can I Optimize Anchor Text????

1) "social media","social network","social media marketing","social networking","social media sites","social networking sites","social media apps"
I want to rank my website using above the Keywords.
How can I set my anchor text for the above keywords
"Partial match anchor text",""Secondary anchor text","Branding anchor text","LSI anchor text"

2) whether I can add unrelated vocabulary before or after long tail anchor text
eg: social networking agenda
or I can add my name before anchor text
If I put like this the google will recognize and how it displays.

3)  In brand name anchor I need to use my own brand name or I can others multiple brand name
Or otherwise I can use author name instead of brand name.

4) "online university degrees","university online education","online distance learning courses","online courses high school"
I'm using above anchor in my website, the anchor itself length
How can I set exact matching anchor, brand matching anchor, lsi anchor

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