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Remove or filter entries from file

I am trying to remove entries from list file based on a specific word found in the url. Dont know why it is not working or may be I am doing something wrong.
What are we supposed to enter in the mask column?
I have a target list in a file  and the list is around 1 million links. I want to remove all the links from the file that have a word "comment" in the domain or path . Is this possible using the filter entries option. ? Please let me know. Thanks @Sven


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    You need to create a "Regular Expression" to identify the string.


    Alternately, download Cygwin or run the process on a Linux box. You can accomplish the same thing (Much faster, given the size of your file) using SED and CAT

    IE: cat sourcefile.txt | sed '/wordtoremove/d' >> outputfile.txt<br>
  • 1linklist  Can you please send me a regular expression to remove all urls that have a "/comment/" text in them. I dont know anything about regular expressions . Please
  • @Sven can you please help me in this
  • SvenSven
    a mask is a simply thing like : *badword*
  • @Sven I am using the badword to be removed and the bad word is present too in the file but it is not getting removed
  • SvenSven
    show me the exact steps you click enter to reverify this (maybe upload the file at well).
  • @Sven I have created a gif file. Its not as clear but hope I was able to convey my point.
    let me if it was clear or I need to make it again. Also please let me know what I doing wrong, Thanks
  • SvenSven
    so? where is the correct filter here? You entered comment where you should have entered *comment*
  • Thanks @Sven. It worked. 
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