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Backlinking more than a thousand link on auto generated content website

Hi guys

I'm quite new to GSA, so far I only know how to rank single URL, main domain or some post in a website.
Now I just try to create auto generated content website (11.000 post), which I have 4.000 post that already indexed by Google.

I already backlinking the main URL, and thinking about backlinking each URL (11.000 post), is there any way for me to do that with GSA?
And I didn't think create a project for a post are solution, that just take too much effort and time.
doesn't matter if every post get little backlink, I think it still count.


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    Sure, just add multiple URLS to your project file?

    11,000 is quite a lot - You may want to consider splitting them into chunks of 500 or so per project thought.


  • ahmadaribahmadarib Indonesia
    ahhh, cool, just realize GSA have that feature.

    500 URL per project, that's a good advice, thanks so much Jordan, will try this out
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