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how many threads i use my laptop

hlw all GSA am new here & tnx for the great software admin i have a 1 question my laptop config is
processor intel(R) core (TM) i54210u cpu @ 1.70ghz 2.40ghz
install memory (ram) 4.0 GB
system type 64-bit
hard disk 1TB
any 1 tell me how many threads i use my laptop


  • shaunshaun
    Start at 50 and monitor system resources in task manager and then increase from there until you are at around 80% hardware utilisation.
  • tnx buddy @shaun
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    The real issue your going to run into is bandwidth. If your using SER From your home internet connection, your provider will (In all likelihood) start complaining.

    I did this once years and years ago with Xrumer, and managed to nuke about 50GB in a single night. Though proxies cover your butt, your ISP will wonder whats going on.


  • yah i know that @1linklist buddy but i have a unlimited internet connection
  • @mjaan I am running 300 threads no problem on my laptop. Ranges 35 - 60% CPU. Haven't pushed beyond that as I am happy with my results.
  • Your laptop specs were close as mine using older 2nd gen core i5. Shouldn't have problem if you raising up to 300 threads. It will take 30-40% of your cpu power when in used or less than it when idle.. You should worried more about your bandwith and speed though
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