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custom time between search queries

gsa suggest to put 60 in waiting time to prevent proxy ban.

my question is, what would be its waiting time if i leave it unchecked?

i want to optimize gsa scraping because i recently upgraded to 150 rotating proxies.


  • shaunshaun
    Do you have scrapebox or hreffer? Its more efficient to scrape with one of them rather than SER as your SER can just focus on verification if you have something else scraping.

    Also Google is getting harder and harder to scrape.
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    @Shaun nailed it (again).

    This is true of a lot of the little things SER does - they are super handy, and I usually leave them on in a minimal/secondary way, but everything SER does besides post links slows it down dramatically. (It pauses those posting-threads to verify, check emails, etc..)

    Scraping is probably the thing that slows SER down the most of all.

    The nice thing is SER usually does not scrape for more targets until it has used up everything loaded manually, or from your site lists.

    What we do is load our big, bad, massive scraped lists - and have search engines toggled as secondarys. So if we run out of targets while sleeping, or otherwise not looking at the servers, SER keeps on going (Though at a much reduced speed.)

    For the individual looking to scrape a few lists, I would say Scrapebox is the way to go. Hrefer is $900 (Includes an Xrumer License), while Scrapebox is just $50.

    I think Gscraper is out of the game now as well. So those are your only real options outside of coding something yourself.

    If your up to *that* challenge (Its taken us a good 6 years and constant refinements), you should use NUTCH. (Its the framework we built a lot of 1Linklist from).


    But dont panic. I have a simpler, easier solution :P

    If none of that sounds good, you can also ramp SER scraping up quite a bit - add new/custom search engines. There are ALOT of them, and after we added around 20 or 30 of them our scraping speed SER side went up a good 40-50%.

    If you go this route, a good starting point:

    PS: Make sure to check SER Does not already have the search-engine your adding before you bother. Sven has been pretty thorough as-is :)
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    this is the amount of time to wait per each proxy. so leaving it at 30 to 60 seconds is better. if you use ser to scrape for targets, i would add in some public proxies for search in addition to your private ones. 

    the more proxies you have the more searches it can handle. when letting ser scrape i use my private proxies in addition to high reliability / high speed public proxies that i have gsa proxy scraper finding in the background. then i have SER set to import new ones from that file every 15-30 minutes or so to keep them fresh.
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