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SER Made Contextual Indexing Rates Since 1st July 16



  • Hi guys,

    I've been reading some of these threads over the past few days and is it just me who's not having any problems?

    I'm quite sure I'm not doing anything radically different to anyone else but I've not noticing any drop in indexing beyond what I consider to be normal loss.

    Maybe worth considering that since Google index around 60 trillion pages the fact that a handful of people are having trouble indexing a few thousand (?) links is statistically insignificant. I'd like to see a much bigger sample used before we start to sound the death knell on this one.
  • shaunshaun
    @johan are you using an indexing service? Elite link indexer seems to be holding steady so far, grax1's method is dancing between 50/60% right now too so it seems there are ways around it.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @Johan - I don't think it's time to sound the death knell, but something has definitely changed on my end. My indexing rates have fallen, and my rankings on SER heavy projects are starting to fade as links die and new ones don't get indexed (or old ones fall out of the index).
  • shaun usually it indexes the links over night for me.  I guess it could depend on how may links are being processed.  out of curiosity, do you use joomla k2 articles?  I quit using them along time ago.  So I haven't tested them on elite link indexer yet.  Were any of the links you just submit joomla k2?  Cheers.
  • shaunshaun
    @redrays my rankings from old projects have held, their backlinks are still indexed too on the exact same domains I was unable to index but elitelinkindexer seems to be smashing everything I throw at it. Very happy with it.

    @Seo_Gladiator I resubmitted the links and it has worked, might have just been a bug or something. Nah I dont use K2 I have a batch that I intend to do some tests with in the future but dont use them on live projects. Thanks for the heads on on elitelinkindexer btw :).
  • shaun You're welcome.  Indexing has become a giant hole for link building all around for everyone.  So glad it's working for you.  Cheers.
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