I'm beta testing my new INDEXER and I'm offering testing packages for FREE

grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
I wasn't happy with the indexers available on the marketplace and after doing some research, talking to the right people and thinking outside the box I came up with my own solution that is satisfying so I'm considering offering it as a product in the near future. For now, however, I'm offering free indexing packages to the users who are members for at least a year and have at least 100 comments. This is limited to 10 users and each one can give me 50 URLs. Please keep in mind that the type of the link affects the index rate. If you're interested, please comment and I will get in touch. First come first served.

This is not a mass indexer, my solution works well but it is more suitable for a few thousand links monthly than several tens of thousands of backlinks. 

I hope this post doesn't violate the forum rules, it is a free deal as a thank you for the good stuff I've got for free on here. If you guys like it, I'm likely to post it as a product on the marketplace. 



  • shaunshaun https://www.youtube.com/ShaunMarrs
    I'm in, sent you 50 URLs.
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    Thanks @shaun, I'll process your backlinks soon!
  • I would like to try your indexer as well.
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    @Anonymous cool, just pm me up to 50 links and I'll soon process them. 
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @grax1 - is your method meaningfully different than indexers that work by submitting urls via gmail pva accounts?
  • shaunshaun https://www.youtube.com/ShaunMarrs
    @graz1 let me know when you are done so I can do some checking on my end please :).
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
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    @redrays, I'd just say I'd rather not say, it's just something that I figured out and I'm cashing in on.
    @shaun, sure thing, I'll let you know when they're ready. 

    @anonymous your links are ready, I hope you don't mind me sharing the results. If possible, please confirm the index rate from the screenshot below.

    I've got 3 testers so far and the quality of their links differs. I've received a list full of good quality contextual links, a mix of everything and a list of bad quality backlinks (e.g. coming from ip addresses and not even domains and some other really shady backlinks). Obviously, this will affect the index rate. 

  • I tested grax1 indexer service, and I can say that am amazed by the speed links got indexed overnight. Compared to services that I previously used, this one is pure 10! Will order to test on even more links and am sure it will be impressive index success rate! :)
  • authority indexer already does this, guarantee its the exact same method. its not ideal for GSA links at all though, although authority indexer did have a sitemap and 'powerup' method of indexing that did alright on some sets of links i put through it.
  • shaunshaun https://www.youtube.com/ShaunMarrs
    @kijix84 if this does work, even for low link volume then I think you should start some sort of SaaS for it, theres literally nothing out there right now that can do what they say on their sales page.

    Although your method may not be able to handle massive volume it would still work for indexing SER links to dilute anchor text ratios, increasing RD to the money site and hiding PBNs amongs cover.

    Have you tested the batches after 30 days to see what is still in the index? Is seems Google have done something that kicked many links out their index on a daily basis.
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    @Anonymous, thank you for the review! 

    @kijix84 it's unfair for you to say considering the fact you've not even tested it. 

    @shaun your links are getting an extra push to increase the index rate since their quality is not the best which affects indexing. 
  • shaunshaun https://www.youtube.com/ShaunMarrs
    @grax1 cheers mate I will check them later tonight
  • Yeah, I stumbled upon a unique way of indexing my links and so coded something up in Python myself (badly!) that works like a charm but it really does depend on the backlink, the old adage of 'Garbage In - Garbage Out' applies to all backlinking methods without exception.

    I would suspect that there's some cross over in the various methodologies used that I've seen, although mine must differ from Grax because I've not been rate limited at all in my efforts.

    My advice to @grax1 would be to make hay whilst the sun shines if you're going to monetise it because if you're doing anything remotely like I'm doing then it won't last 5 more minutes  :)
  • I tested my review copy with trying to index few of my pbn domains which I purchased recently and I was impressed that he was able get it indexed within a day rather than other indexing service which took almost 7 to 21 days.

    I will defintely interested in the service when he launch it.
  • @antonyalston

    Don't your PBN's get indexed naturally? Why do you need an indexer service for PBNs?
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    @shaun you're welcome, let me know if you need anything else!
    @Johan thanks mate!
    @antonyalston thank you for the review. 
    @BigGulpsHuhWelp - indexing pbns helps with making sure that all the internal links are indexed for passing more linkjuice. It's also helpful if you restore big websites from Web archive - a few pages might get indexed naturally, but it will take a lot more for all of them to appear in Google's index. 
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    It's amazing how defensive anyone offering an indexing service gets in one of these threads. The same lines are always repeated, anyone who dares to ask any questions is immediately shouted down. I have no idea if these posts are against the rules or not, but they are among the most worthless on the forum and I would not miss them at all if they were to go away.
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    YOU SEE NOW! YOU SEE WHY I AM THE WAY I AM!!! NOW YOU UNDERSTAND! You have become like me!
  • @grax1

    Okay, but why wouldn't you just set up the PBN and then put a plugin in that 301's any 404 links within the site to the main domain? This retains the link juice without having to pay for an additional service.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
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    @BigGulpsHuhWelp - heh, I did enjoy that you were criticized for pointing out obvious misinformation.
  • I still wouldn't use SER on a client site directly, but thats different for affiliate sites.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    Btw, you should be careful when you 301 internal pages to the homepage of a site that you've bought. IIRC these are (often?) treated as soft 404s and may not pass all (any?) of the link juice.
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    @BigGulpsHuhWelp "Okay, but why wouldn't you just set up the PBN and then put a plugin in that 301's any 404 links within the site to the main domain? This retains the link juice without having to pay for an additional service. "

    I do 404 to homepage anyway. What I meant is if you want to have a lot of internal pages on your pbns and get them indexed quickly, using a service will help. It is not necessary, it's up to your preference. 
  • @redrays - correct it passes none of the juice. Google still treat it as a worthless page.

    It's short sighted to 301 anything within your own website. If there's a page that's throwing a 404 error then stick some content on there, it's a page that Google recognises, do something with it - why redirect it to another one?
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    Thanks @Johan, this is what I remember reading / hearing but last time I tried I couldn't find a source for it. Any chance you have one? :)

    Agreed on 301s, though I guess sometimes there's nothing you can do about it when changing to a new cms.
  • JohanJohan UK
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    Yes, it was said by Gary Illyes. Give us a bit and I'll find the quote :)

    That was quick :)

    " (Q) You say that Google ignores Links leading to 404 pages. Are Soft-404 treated in the same fashion?

    (A) Yes, they are. Generally, with a few exceptions, if a page is not indexed, its links are ignored too. "

    So yes, there's absolutely no value in 301 redirecting any soft 404 page because you're passing nothing on. You might as well just leave it as a 404 page or as I suggested, stick some content on there and try ranking for another KW.

    And don't get me started on using Wordpress plugins for simple tasks :D

  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @grax1 - cmon man, you are on the GSA forum. No one cares about "quality of links" and indexing PBN posts. I understand your reluctance to be transparent about what you're doing, but at least be transparent about how successful this indexer is with the links people on here care about. Authority Indexer's sales thread gives rough %'s for different types of SER links, and you should do the same.
  • Also, I have never found indexing to be particularly valuable in the long run. Better to just let stuff index naturally.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @Johan - awesome, thank you :D
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @BigGulpsHuhWelp - Not sure if I agree that one way is better than the other, but it is certainly true that most service providers here and on bhw don't even bother making the case and just bump sales threads with nonsense.
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