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Way to high traffic?

Hi guys,

I have one question for you about traffic of GSA SER. I run 32 projects at 50 threads max. I also use a link list which helps a lot to find links faster. Because of my private proxies I do not search for public proxies. PR I also do not check. Nevertheless I get up to 13 MBits/sec traffic. This seams high to me - specially because I want to increase projects and threads. What are your experiences in this case?


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    edited July 2016
    Mbit is not the same a Megabyte (Mbp). "a Megabit is 1/8 as big as a Megabyte". If you consider that GSA is downloading roughly 50 pages a second, and most are somewhere between 250-500kb, this actually sounds pretty low.

    The only way I can think to drop your bandwidth down is to change "Maximum page size" in the advanced option down to its minimum.

  • What is a good recommended "maximum page size" setting - I have 10mb but have always wondered what the experts are using to maximize performance.
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    It depends what you server resources are. A Higher max page size will net you more verifieds, but a lower VPM and higher bandwidth usage. A lower max page size will get you less verifieds, but a higher VPM and lower bandwidth usage.
  • I changed my tier 2, 3, ... to check for bad keywords in url and only ier 1 I use bad keywords in homepage. With this configuration I was able to cut my traffic more than half and have space to increase projects (otherwise I fear that I would reach very fast 60 MB/sec which is the max aloud traffic size)
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