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Send failed any selected captcha types to third party.


I know you are busy but when you have time is there any chance you could look at adding an option to let both types be sent to the captcha service, so if CB fails then its sent along with the types I select like ReCaptcha, KCaptcha.

Currently it seems you can do one or the other.



  • SvenSven
    But isn't that the same behavious as if you
    1. check the captcha type
    2. enable the option to send only tagged captcha types to services
    3. enable that captcha type to be used for a service?
  • shaunshaun
    @sven It doesnt seem to be.

    For example right now I have ReCaptcha being sent directly to third party but when a drupal or mollom hits it and fails it seems to just be left. I never get the message "solved/unable to solve with third party service" for the drupal or mollom.
  • SvenSven
    have you checked the same setting for it as recaptcha (point 2 and 3)?
  • shaunshaun
    edited July 2016
    @sven yea.

    I tried to explain this in one of my other captcha threads but not sure if it made sense.

    Right so I have just have 2captcha added to CB and only told it to send marked captcha types. Selected all the drupals, mollom and ReCaptcha and pressed start on SER. 100% of that captcha type is sent direct to 2captcha, CB is not trying. To save cash ideally what I would like to happen is that CB would try solve it as it is smashing alot of Drupal and mollom captchas and then if it fails send it to 2captcha.

    I think it would be better to have an option added similar to the one now but rather than just sending it instantly to the solver if CB will try solve the new type of marked captchas itself and then if it fails send it off. Rather than have a blanket system where if CB fails it sends it off to third party. Also it would be handy to keep the current option where you are able to send platforms off instantly so kcaptcha and Recaptcha dont have time wasted with CB trying to solve them. 

    I can give you my 2captcha or Captcha Tronix API if you like to help you test it?
  • SvenSven
    yes give me that + a screenshot of the settings and captcha listing to reproduce it.
  • shaunshaun
    @sven done, also when you get a chance could you use my captcha tronix account to investigate that thing from the other day about it giving wrong ReCaptcha but saying they are correct and try to impliment a method of SER telling CB when it is wrong?
  • SvenSven
    yes will have a look tomorrow
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