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gsa proxy scraper vs other softs?

Hi I am looking for a proxy scraper which can scrape elite and socks proxies
which Software is best?
does gsa finds elite or socks proxies


  • SvenSven
    It finds all types of proxies.
    Even though I might not be objective, I have tested many proxy related programs when I coded this. In the end I can say all the rest is not worth it. They either do not text correctly, scrape same sites all the time without any optimized performance or wast a lot time testing same things again and again.

    Most also never test against CONNECT proxies who are basically offering same functionality as socks.

    And then you will mis the many tools you got with ours from metric scanners, search egnine parsing, pr emulation, port scanning and so on...
  • Hi
    Thanx but I need tovknow 1 more thing does this software has ability to add more sites to scrape? So I can add more links fron which site can scrape from
  • SvenSven
    Sure you can do that!  Anyway why not simply try out the demo version yourself?
  • thanx and I have suggestion 
    that there are some site that they ask to solve captcha to get proxies so is it possible to integrate it with captcha breaker? to solve those captchas 
  • SvenSven
    No, and I think thats really not required. The software comes with almost 2600 sources where to get proxies. If you can not get them using that captcha-site, Im sure they appear somewhere else as well.
  • ok because I also found manually huge list but those who had really good proxies with high anonymous had captcha manually checked it all were good and 50% were passed by google
    thats why
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