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Getting no verification for wiki links

I am getting normal verification for all other platforms but not getting verification for wiki links for last 2 days.


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    Have you checked a few of these by hand? Make sure your saving identified/failed global site lists, then try running through just those in debug mode (Ser options -> Advanced -> Run in debug mode) and see what you get.
  • Thanks for help. I have checked i am getting profile links for wiki platforms but getting "download failed (Return: -, SockError: Connection timed out)" what i should do to fix this issue.
  • SvenSven
    try opening that in browser...if that works then it's about your proxies or a too low timeout setting.
  • Thanks Sven i will try to increase timeout setting as i am getting wiki profiles links but not getting wiki articles links.
  • SvenSven
    you have to enable that link type in options (article-wiki).
  • I have already checked article-wiki but with increasing html timeout i start getting verification for wiki articles. Thanks
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    Good deal man! :) Glad you got it sorted out.
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