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End Submission Attempt On ReCaptcha Detection.

Evening @Sven,

So I have been testing ways to try get a good ReCaptcha solve rate to increase verified contextuals and I think I will put it on hold until you have time to implement the feature that adjusts the reported number of sucessful captchas from third party services in CB.Re

One thing that I am working on now though it just dropping all ReCaptcha attempts and I cant workout a way to do it. If I untick "Skip hard to solve captchas" in SER they still get through. If I untick them in CB then they are just sent to my third party service taking up threads and paid captcha solves.

Is there a way to do this? I thought of just deleting ReCaptcha from CB but i'm not sure if CB will just send it back to SER as unknown for SER to send 2captcha.

Here is an example, CB is working awsome with Mollom and 50% sucess is really good but if CB fails I want CB to send it to my third party service if that fails then back to SER for SER to send it for human solving. Currently without being able to shut off ReCaptcha I cant think of a way to do this as it just keeps getting through what I try and clogging up threads on my third party captcha service and wasting money on 2captcha.

Can you think of a way to do it in the current version and if not is there any way you would be able to add something to CB like a tic k box that once ticked for that captcha type it just stops the submission attempt and releases the SER thread to start on the next URL?


  • shaunshaun
    @sven Been testing this a bit more, I think there might be two bugs causing it.

    One is the skip hard captchas in SER letting ReCaptcha through.

    Two is ReCaptcha still being processed by CB even when it is unticked.
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    I would just delete the definition at this point - or rename it with an ending extension CB cant see, so you can just change it back if you want to later on. (Also make sure to skip unknown captchas in CB if you do it this way)
  • shaunshaun
    @1linklist do you know if the captcha will just be returned to SER though or is it actually ended?
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    Nope, I'd have to test it. I would guess with skip-unknown captchas enabled it would skip it (or blow past it) pretty quickly though.

    The only other way around it I can think of is to go into each engine file and adding a !<"Recaptcha to the "Must have:" lines
  • shaunshaun
    I havent had time to test it out either yet. But if the two bugs I think I have found so far are correct then I have little faith in the skip unkown captchas option.
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