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problem with verfication

razzaguhlrazzaguhl Deutschland

I noticed a problem with not successful verification in gsa ser and need some suggestions.

First my setup. i use a catchall email with my own domain. this catchall mail is used in different projects. In every project under "email verfication" options nothing is checked, except the "delete message if older than". 14 days in my case.

Ok the problem is: when i force the verfication with status "verify only", almost all submitted links where not successfully and get removed.

When i manually check my mail inbox i can see awaiting-account-verification/activation mail from several sites. the activation link in those mails is valid, and after clicking it the account is activated. So, everything seems okay.

The mails are already marked as read. GSA SER touched/read them in some way....

Thank you for your help.


  • SvenSven
    SER can not tag things as read. Thats not happening with the pop3 protocol where you can justz login, read and delete emails.
    Why a certain email is not read or verified by SER is hard to say. Usually because it is coming in too late (submission already removed from project) or because some other project has deleted it (you say its not that case though).
  • razzaguhlrazzaguhl Deutschland
    Thank you Sven.

    Is there a way to trace the verification process in Detail? The standard Log only says that it's not successful. But not why.

    What is the default expire time for verification? I don't remind to set something up in my projects.

  • SvenSven
    each time is different according to the engine.
  • razzaguhlrazzaguhl Deutschland
    Ok. Thank you

    Is it possible to activate a debug or detailed logfile?
  • SvenSven
    not really sorry.
  • razzaguhlrazzaguhl Deutschland
    Hi again,

    I just tracked the hole process of one submitted link until the verification and removal.

    Engine used: Joomla K2

    1.) after i set status from the project to "verify only", it found the mail and verify the account

    22:20:54: [+] Found 3 URL(s) (1 verify, 0 login) for Joomla K2 - in E-Mails

    2.) after that i stopped and rerun the project "verify only". the log said:

    22:28:01: [-] Verification (round 1) of Joomla K2 not successful->removed - [Registration]

    image3.) manual checking my mail inbox, i saw the registration mail with login data. the account was already activated.

    4.) i then used the login data and successfully logon to the page

    Question: why GSA SER removes this target url as unsuccessful?

    Thank you.

  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    I think this exact thing is happening for most, if not all of the targets that require email verification. Something not quite working right in the process.
  • SvenSven
    razzaguhl even though it said it removed the link from verification (as you did only verify and the timeout finally applied), SER should start logging in and post things once you turn it on to a normal active status.

    account details are not removed....SER tried to login and submit and will only remove accounts if login failed, else it adds a link and saves the account.

    When you have a look into the remaining target urls, you should see the site in it.
  • razzaguhlrazzaguhl Deutschland
    @Sven: Yes you are right, SER start try to logging in on "active" status. These steps are visible in the logfile:

    After that the target url was removed from "submitted" and "remaining target urls".

    But on this certain target url you can clearly see, that other people post articles to it (random spun text). So it should be possible. Why SER cannot do this?

    @trevor_bandura i dont think it happen to all targets. the verification process works so far, account data is read out of email and saved to SER.

    Thank you so far.

  • SvenSven
    well if you have the account then i can try finding out.
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