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General Blogs - Lots of duplicate platforms/domains?

So I have been trying to workout how to make my own engines for SER. I was aware that general blogs are made up of multiple other platforms but it seems that most of them have now been added as stand alone platforms now so a verified in general blogs will probably verify in its stand alone platform too.

I am brand new to this script stuff so I may be completly wrong but @sven, are these engines just duplicated in general blogs?



  • SvenSven
    General Blogs was indeed never made of special engines or when I first released SER I thought one engine for blog comments is enough and i coded it all in one.

    Nowadays I would split that up in each of it's own engine. However even though you might see some footprints in general blogs and other engines or even definitions of variables, I never intent to duplicate things here. Usually I split that up when I saw that certain sites do not get submitted with general blogs and i coded it's own engine from it.

    The "page must have=!<footprint>" lines probably show what I mean.
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    Svens scripting manual is pretty comprehensive if you want to take a stab at modifying your own (We did).

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