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See the country of the domain in the verified tab.

edited July 2016 in Feature Requests
Afternoon @sven,

I am running some tests with PHPWeb and some of the domains are pretty solid, there also seems to be a fair few from the US/UK/EU but there are a but load from Asia.

I know SER shows a country for the URL in the Last URLs verified pane but is there a way to have a column added into the right click - show urls - verified tab to display this data too? It will help with other engines too that have high asian hosting numbers such as DEDIems and such.

[edit] I know the user is able to skip sites from countries in Asia in the Options tab but I wouldent mind seeing what stats some of the asian ones have once verified and potentially keeping them.




  • SvenSven
    Indeed thats something I wanted to add to the verified urls as well. And it's also on my to-do list (but more that the bottom).
  • GintasGintas Lithuania
    Would love to see this too.
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