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GSA and Anti-Virus


I am new to the forum and I have a quick question.
I am running GSA for my first time and my anti-virus going off like crazy.
What should I do? Disable it or leave it the way it is?



  • I had the same issue. I use Avast Free Antivirus, and even when specifically putting GSA on the exclusion list for files to not scan, it still went off all the time. I was thinking of getting another AV, as this one came with the computer.

    I solved the problem by setting Avast to run in 'Silent/Gaming mode'. It doesn't pop up, or make any sounds now. Maybe there is similar settings for your AV.
  • I actually use free Avast too. I guess I'll do the same.
    Thanks for the tip.
  • SvenSven
    OK let me explain why this happens:
    SER is downloading content from an URL to parse things and submit your sites.
    Some of the URLs have malicious code on it like Trojans and viruses.
    EVERY malicious code however has to be executed (usually by javascript). This is something that SER does NOT do.

    Your virus scanner however sees that code being downloaded and assumes the worst scenario - that you execute it and your PC would get infected.


    It will only happen if you SER successfully submit there and you eventually open that page in Browser.


    There are different solutions to this:
    a) Ignore the warnings or use the Game/Silent mode
    b) Do not use a anti virus program at all (snaikoil anyway)
    c) Use the internal URL Filter in global options which will sort out known malicious domains (still not 100% secure). This however slows down submission.

  • meilzodiacmeilzodiac Somewhere
    thanks for the suggestion @Sven ;;)
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