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Send Captcha With Success Rate Less Than xx To Third Party OCR.

edited July 2016 in Feature Requests
Morning @Sven,

In CB we have the option to send captchas to third party OCR services, currently there is the option to manually select platforms for SER to send directly to the thrid party service. Is there anychance you could add an option similar to the "Only try to solve is sucess rate is at least xxx" but rather than skipping the captcha CB will just send it to the third party sevice instantly?

I know I could go through CB manually and select them all but say one week my threshold is 20%, I go through and set all the less than 20% for third party then I test it at 30% then I need to go through again and then the following week 10%, again I need to go through and manually select them.

I just think having this added would make it easier :).

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