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No anchor text links


I face the problem that I can not build tier 2,3, ... because tier1 does not build dofollow, indexable, anchor text links.
At the moment I have 46 nofollow links with unknown or empty anchor text at tier 1. I also have to mention that I use "Try to skip creating nofollow links"!
Last step would be to use CB for only dofollow links (but other campaigns which work perfect would also use this configuration).
Keywords are listed at the end of each url in tier1.
I know it would look natural if I have many nofollow links but only nofollow links will bring me to no where.
Any ideas or suggestions?


  • SvenSven
    uncheck engines producing no-follow links by right click on the engine selection->uncheck engines....
  • Sorry I can not follow you. Where do you mean exactly?
  • PS: found it at "Where to submit"
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