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GSA suddenly stopped building

not sure what went wrong. campaign was running fine, built a few thousand backlinks in two days, now no links get built. not a single submission despite running for hours. 

details of the campaign: 
  • using SERocket link lists as the search engine 
  • dedicated proxies from buyproxies 
  • 20 fresh email addresses tested
  • GSA Captcha breaker with Deathbycaptcha backup

Not sure. I keep getting "no form at all" and "downlaod failed" errors


  • oh and as a follow up, GSA captcha breaker is suddenly getting "it seems your computer is using automated queiries" errors
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    How's your memory usage looking? When mine is high - say consistently >2.5GB - SER will eventually grind to a halt and need to be restarted, usually after running fine for a couple days.
  • SvenSven
    "it seems your computer is using automated queiries" << thats a comman recaptcha image you get when you try to solve recaptcha too often incorrectly. If oyu use just CB as a service, you can as well enable the option to skip hard to solve captchas in project options.
  • Thanks guys.  Memory usage is fine. I have 1 project running with a 16GB ram machine. 

    Sven, i've got DBC as a backup option, i'll have CB skip but it just seems like i'm getting a ton of these. 
  • SvenSven
    Well as far as I remember, the screenshot showed "Skipped" anyway right? So CB sends that back and SER will know to ask the next service in the list for it.

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    Potentially you've used up all your available targets, and if your just running 1 project you should duplicate it a few times - 3 or 4 at least. With just one active project, its sitting around doing nothing a lot of the time (Well, checking emails, re-verifying links, etc.)
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