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Making links to 301 redirect

michamicha Uk
edited June 2016 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
I am ranking blogger blogs.
Sometimes google deleting my blogger blog, and I must build new links.

Can I build links to my domain, which will 301 to blogger blog, and when blog will be banned, can I just change 301 redirect to another blog and links juice will pass to another blog?

I mean:
gsa links -> blog
after delete blog:
gsa links -> NULL

with 301:
gsa links -> --301-redirect--> blog
after blog ban:
gsa links -> mydomain.come/example --301-redirect--> blog2

After I change 301 redirect to another blog, link juice will go to another blog?
I mean:
blog is 1-st for phrase "fresh meat"
blog is banned
I redirect 301 from banned blog to brand new blog
brand new blog is 1-st for phrase "fresh meat", because it have all links, that banned blog had.

In other words can I rank my blogs only by making links to website, that use 301 and redirect to blog, and after ban can I reuse this links to rank another website.

Sorry for my poor english.


  • Yes do that but the 301 domain will probably get a penalty or flagged so have a few of those and move faster than Google can penalise them.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @micha - yep, I do this sometimes and like you suggest it's a good way to control your links over the long term. It works even better if is an aged domain with some decent links pointed to it already :)

    No need to apologize for your english, this was a well written and clearly well thought out post.
  • @JudderMan, @redrays, thank you for answears!
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