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Most wanted (at least for me ;-))

Hi guys,

at the top of my wish list is that I can not only see each article posting I want to edit it too. It would be great if the preview window could work like a slide show where I see each posting before posting it (including the preloaded photo/video - in case I do not like it I can reload another one in that window). It is clear that I can see all my articles after spinning but it would help very much to see and edit the "whole picture" with all features. I would really make the effort to inspect every post if it would be easy access able like this.

My second wish is that I could distinguish threads - not only between private and public but also how many threads for which process. For example I have only a relative small amount of private proxies and plan to use them for submission only. Because of the relative small amount I could not run high threads (even if all other parts would be able to) in order to save my proxies from burning out. On the other side all other processes could run at a much higher speed (at this point sure public are by far not as good as private but ...). So it would be great if I could not decide to do submissions at a speed of 30 with private proxies and all other tasks with 100 threads (as an example). To top it I would also welcome it if I could distinguish between different proxies. For example if I have semi dedicated proxies for process A, full dedicated proxies for process B and public proxies for C.
<Dreaming off> ;-)


  • SvenSven
    I think you want to use the "custom mode" here. That will query you before submitting the content.
    would be a bit complicated to set it up. It might sound good for you but setting this up is already confusing for some ppl.
  • I realize that it does not take many links (at least for the not so difficult keywords) to rank high but more than ever it is most important that these links are stable and look and read good. So if I have checked the article content and made the right configuration about linking internal and external there is still a high question mark about the pictures and videos. As an example what if I advertise the topic dog (training, food, accessories) and as a  video appears "dog football team" - I guess it would look odd ;-)
  • PPS: still just a suggestion :-)

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