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URL Redirect Pro (Custom Sites)

I'm trying to filter out all of these redirect websites because there are so many low quality sites and adult sites, so I've run the list through Majestic and filtered by TF/CF and topic trust flow and have narrowed it down to 315ish sites that I want to submit to.

The problem is that uploading custom site lists and dat files doesn't work. Are there any steps for creating the proper dat file for this? Is there a way to upload a text file with the sites so that it only submits to the ones I want? I don't have time to select 315 sites manually.


  • Also, for passing SEO value, is 301 redirect the only one I should use?
  • SvenSven
    You mean when you enable the filter to only submit to certain sites in the database and right click on that list to load/save a selection right?
    Well the format is the exact name as you see it in the list. One per line.
  • edited June 2016
    Figured it out... turns out when you "load selection" the sites need to be in ABC order or it won't work.
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