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Hello @Sven, I have a problem I do not understand.

I created a new project and instead of adding a list of urls, I've added an RSS works correctly. GSA BE reads the RSS, but only read it once and that's it.

If I am there public 3 inputs and 3 new entries in the RSS. The list of links of the RSS does not change GSA-SER

I took several days using this method, but only this link to the links in the RSS had the day that I added.

I believe that the RSS should be read each time the project is lanze and the RSS to be updated, also should update these links

It makes no sense to add an RSS and read only data that you add the day, other days it does

It is a quick project for youtube, I do not check it links or anything, just a lot indexer, referrer, ping, trackbacks etc ... I mean everything without checking and bulk.

If it does not work well, how I can add an RSS or list that is updated and these links end up in the GSA_SER project?

The RSS in question is always only the last 10 entries and I thought that would work as indicated. GSA-SER read it, because I read the first day links.


  • As the RSS has 10 entries, what I want is that every X time, those 10 links are updated. I do not want that go aculumando, 10 today, 10 tomorrow, and then spend the day and have 100 or 1000 links. I just want to create links to the RSS links updated and now does

    I deleted the RSS and have become add, and has been updated to the last 10 and the last post links are from my last post, I mean all right. But with each passing day, continues to add links to the post of days ago that are no longer in the RSS.
  • SvenSven
    that rss feed is updated like every 30 minutes. No need to start/stop the project.
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