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How To Create Tier 1 Backlinks

Hi all masters...I have come across a gig on fiverr who claim to provide high pr 200 social bookmarking backlinks and 400 profile creation backlinks ( all are high pr sites i have checked myself ) in 10 dollar which seem impossible as i tried myself creating profile and it was taking 5 minutes for each site so max 12-15 links can be created per hour so for 600 links it will take many hours so its not manual that is confirmed.I tried making backlinks on those sites using gsa ser but it was not successful as gsa ser don't recognize those platform..So my question is...

what tool those people are using for Tier 1 backlinks.
those links are edu links, social sites , profile creation and bookmarking sites.
Any help is highly appreciated as i am looking for high pr tier 1 backlinks which i can use for gsa ser.


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