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Verify eMail Addresses In Real Time When Using Automailer?

edited February 2013 in GSA Email Spider
Is there a way that I can verify the email addresses that are scraped before the auto-mailer sends the email?
If no, is there a way I can download the email list, then re-upload it without loosing the info about where the email came from - because I have to have reference the page and domain that the email was found on to stay good with my host.


  • SvenSven
    A basic verification is included while parsing (see options->behavior). Though you might want to try to export the data (Save emails), import into a program like GSA Email Verifier and later import the emails again (Project->Import->E-Mails).
  • Sven. I don't see anything about verification in behavior. All I see is something about removing fake emails.
  • SvenSven
    Thats what I mean....that is checking certain things to not add fake emails.
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