YOURLS no engine matches

razzaguhlrazzaguhl Deutschland

I noticed that GSA SER doesnt find YOURLS engine on several sites. I used a hand-selected YOURLS sitelist, so i'm pretty sure that there must be a match.

Here is an example:

21:25:07: [-] 0411/1446 no engine matches -
21:25:07: [+] 0427/1446 matches engine YOURLS - (WORKS)
21:25:08: [-] 0443/1446 no engine matches -
21:25:08: [-] 0445/1446 no engine matches -

Checking the sites manual you can see that there is a YOURLS engine running. Any idea whats wrong?


  • SvenSven
    edited June 2016
    they all seem to work fine for me!?
    Could it be a proxy issue?
  • razzaguhlrazzaguhl Deutschland
    Under "Options -> Submissions" i disabled the use proxy for everything except "submission" and "search engines". 

    Which settings is responsible for the submit-engine check? i think its not necessary to use a proxy for checking the engine.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    thats part of the submission...however you have a box there to skip proxies for identification.
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