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Rank YouTube Video by PingBack very well

Hi. Every

I'm a newbie to GSA Search Engine.

I knew 1 guy is using pingback to rank Youtube video very well. All of his YT video is on the 1st page of google with keywords.

I tried to use to analyze his Youtube backlick and I saw that almost of them are pingback.

I have some questions about settings GSA Search Engine Ranker:

+ Can I use all of his URL lists for my project? And how can I setup to add his list (txt format)?

+ As I see, pingback doesn't have anchor text but his still can add it in backlinks. How can he do?

I've just uploaded a list of his backlinks on google drive for reference. 

Anyone can give me an advise about it.



  • The vast majority of those pingbacks are NO FOLLOW and the high DR sites are manually created. If you want to use Ahrefs to get some sites to post to then try putting some of those high DR blogs into their site explorer and see what he's using for the lower tiers.
  • anhtt265anhtt265 Viet Nam
    Hi. Johan

    What do you mean with high DR site are manually created? 

    Do you mean that he owns these DR sites? He built lower tiers point to these DR sites with pingback links to rank his youtube videos.
  • I don't think hes ranking with just pingbacks...
  • What are the competition of those Keywords he is using to rank... you cant rank in youtube using only pingbacks, there are a lot of things you can hide from ahref
  • I agree with @rodol that only pingbacks rank the YouTube videos. Share more details if possible let us all try to know or investigate the reason for ranking the video.
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    NOT possible to rank anything with just Pingbacks! Maybe in 1992?
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