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Time Change Email for GSA

hi everybody 
I've been using email for GSA confirmed 12.
now after 2 weeks only 12 emails working fine and has 2 email stopped working.
Should I replace all e-mail after a period of using them for the GSA?
What happens when I change the email although it still work?
 In  menu  Show URR-> Submited with the link "awaiting account verification" What we will be affected if I change the email you used to sign up before? . When email stopped working then accounts have been registered by that emails will affected ? 
about how long or how much percentage should be verified change email  ?
Thank you very much ! 


  • SvenSven
    all account waiting verification might no longer get verified once you remove that email account.
    They will get removed from that "submitted listing" once and all further accounts get build with the new emails imported.
    BUT you can leave those old accounts in and just uncheck them. That way SER will not use them to build new links, but will only use them to verify previously build links.

    All verified account will of course work (login/further submission) even if you remove emails.
    Sven  I understand thank you ! 
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