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What is best backlink building strategy for youtube video and youtube channel ?

Hi i am using GSA SER since last 3 months and i am very happy with the results..still wanted to know the best strategy for ranking a video using GSA SER.
Mainly which platform or engine should be checked while making backlinks for youtube. Kindly advice. 


  • thegsaguythegsaguy I sell GSA Lists
    For the Tier 1 Generally, nowadays Web 2.0 posts + social bookmarks is the sweet spot for ranking YouTube videos. Firstly, I want to point out a few things which are common for both of the Tier 1 projects: Anchor text distribution: 10% – 20% exact match. 30% – 40% LSI and partial match. 20% – 30% generic anchors – include youtube,, check out this video, look at this video, etc. 20% – 30% naked URLs. Content: Preferably you would write an article or two (500 – 1000 words each) and then you would manually spin it to get some really nice variations for the Tier 1 blog posts project. If you don’t have the time, you can hire writers to write and manually spin the content for you. Lastly, you can simply use something like Kontent Machine and a spinner of your choice (check out our case study on the top 5 content spinners) to generate content for your link building campaign. Another hidden feature which you don’t see in the picture above is the views, comments, and likes which also play a huge role in the ranking of your video on YouTube. This plus lots of quality Social Signals. Hope it helps :)
  • Thank you so much thegsaguy can you give me some footprints for scraping web 2.0 sites 
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