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SEO Strategy

Hi all,

Have a strategy question and am interested in any/all feedback.

Let's say you own a brand. Is there value in hammering G with search volume bot traffic (no referrer)?

I am preparing to do a trial run with this concept.

So, let's say my company manufactures mountain bikes. The premise is if the search volume for XYZ brand ramps up, does it strengthen the on-site keywords for 'bikes' or  'mountain bikes' by relative strength? I came up with the concept from looking at G Trends and observing a casual relationship between an increase in search volume and the brand's high indexing of various products. Pretty consistent across all industries.



  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @viking - I agree with the theory. Not sure if you're looking for why, and even if you are it would take a while to fully explain my thinking. Here's an older blog post that influenced me quite a bit, among other similar posts that Aaron Wall has written over the years:

    That said, I doubt there's much value to using bots to try manipulate this. I've done some test with click through rate, and I've read about others running similar tests, and bots just don't seem to move the needle. You would probably do much better using one of those micro worker websites :)
  • thegsaguythegsaguy I sell GSA Lists
    It works if you do it right. There are safe tools like Panda bot or even organizing Facebook contests to send the traffic on G serps to search for your keyword+brand name ;)
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @thegsaguy - can't figure out what panda bot is because the website isn't loading now. The Facebook contest idea is a great one though, thanks for the share ;)
  • @thegsaguy i have a new favorite tool. Thank you!! Been playing around with it for about an hour and it is what i was talking about. This has saved me hours of work. I appreciate the share. I used a similar one in the past for alexa that was not this sophisticated. I will post results here next week. I have a few campaigns underway already.

    @redrays try it again. it is awesome!
  • londonseolondonseo London, UK
    @viking - I would love to see your results next week.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @viking - website is loading now, seems interesting. Hope you give it a shot and report back with results. Just to provide a bit of a counterpoint, I remembered why this software sounded somewhat familiar to me:
  • thegsaguythegsaguy I sell GSA Lists
    @viking I'm glad you like it but to be hones I never use it..yet. I know from experience that organizing Fb contests and teaching your audience to do what I've said above works best. Be careful click through rate is not the only metric important here, it's about brand awareness too, website CTR and how involved is the visitor on your page, bounce rate, form filling, clicking, scrolling, etc. 

    I'm new to this forum, hello again, hoping that what I've said above make's sense for ya'll.
    This is how you do SEO in 2016 :)

    if you want to buy those clicks directly there are sites like (not affiliate to any of those) but that site is not ready and full of bugs.

  • one early observation is that the population of users is not that large, so traffic diversity and scale could be an issue. will see on that.
    software is easy enough to use. set up is quick and easy. service runs in background and doesn't weigh down my resources.
    too early to pass judgement or share results, but the software in doing exactly what I was speculating about when I started the thread, so I am watching this closely. Pointed the service at a keyword (800k) where I am am high page 2 and haven't been able to move the needle for some reason. Leaving all other services as-is to see if this does the trick. Will report back if I climb the fence over to page 1.

    @thegasguy I am looking into your FB suggestion. good stuff! Yes, I agree, 2016 landscape if changing very quickly right now....

    @redrays thanks for the thread share.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @viking - I have a site in a virtually identical spot, so I'm very interested to see if you can make something happen :)
  • londonseolondonseo London, UK
    Watch this video -
  • @londonseo thanks for the share! It certainly seems to support the premise of the thread.

    @redrays update on my experiment. just plopped over onto page 1! I am not going to say that the service did it by itself. Not yet anyway. I had seo'd that keyword pretty heavily over the last thirty days so it did have some forward momentum. So, I have pointed the service at another MS on a keyword that is deep  in the index, currently on page 9 (7M serp) where I have not done any recent seo. I think this will be a more clear evaluation. 

    A few notes on the service: it can only go 10 pages into the serp looking for your keyword, it has what seems to be a noticeable fail rate in hitting the keyword page, and as mentioned previously it looks like the user base is limited. They do offer using multiple machines under your user id to build credits more quickly, but again if the base is small I am not sure of tying up the resource without getting the upside.

    Will update in a few days.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @viking - good work regardless!
  • @redrays @londonseo

    I think the timing is good on this strategy. More and more content is coming out about this premise. And a big serp update is rolling out right now. I have a feeling traffic metrics are going to get higher authority going forward.

    Here is another review of the service. His findings are inline with mine:

    Update on the user population, only around 10k global users. So there are definitely upside limitations, but for low/medium competition, this could make the difference.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @viking - what are you seeing with regards to the update?
  • @redrays well, found out that the browser signs itself out at 6 hours, so I was out of the office in the afternoon yesterday and have been offline for about 16 hours. MS#1 dropped back to top of page 2. MS#2 no movement. I am back online today and will report back any movement.
  • @redrays I'm not aware of any SERP updates across any of my sites, all fairly static.

    The theory of all this is quite interesting but only 10k global users? All using proxies? That's a scary footprint ...

  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    Ok good, everything has been static for me as well. Out of curiosity, where are you based out of @viking?
  • @redrays nyc metro, same as you?
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @viking - yes, I thought you were in Europe for some reason. So are you primarily in US markets?
  • @redrays currently focused u.s. but active globally. you?
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    edited June 2016
    @viking - 99% focused on the US. I experiment a bit in other English speaking countries, but I've not found anything that I could scale.
  • @viking any update on this? It's been 6 months are you still using?
    I have been doing this with another bot but have to use proxies. I have to buy 12,000 to make low footprint.
  • @212nycowboy Sorry, should have updated this. So I was using a service that had a free trial. It actually did what it was supposed to do which was cool. Many of these types of tools leak like you wouldn't believe creating lots of risk. But the issue was they used an installed base of users who piggybacked off each other's machines. I still don't feel 100% comfortable with having a bunch of users flowing through my desktop which is the primary reason I cancelled with them. The other reason was their installed base was only about 2,000 users. So it was pointless to use in my niche as I need a lot more ability to scale up. When the trial ended I had no reason to subscribe.

    But, for the results, I absolutely saw the traffic coming through. The bot went to G, search on my KW, found it, clicked through, and stayed on-site for whatever duration I told it to. It had variable browsers, versions, geo, etc. 

    The MS performance was limited. I saw some upward movement, but I think it is risky to increase your search click-through from a few pages deep to where it is performing like it should be #1, and then to have the volume level off because of the user base limitation, I think is a major red flag for G.

    So at the end of the day, this is definitely a theory that could benefit us greatly, but the method of generating the traffic needs to be different. The user should generate the bot traffic independently and not be part of a network, and the user should very gradually increase the activity of a long period of time.

    Sorry it wasn't a better result to report back. I am on a constant search for the right vendor. If I find one I will report back.
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