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GSA will post duplicate if i do this?????? Urgent!!

I have 100-200 verified links to each of my project now but i have cleaned cache and history as well in order to update my projects with a fresh list.
I just want gsa to avoid posting duplicate links on the same domain that were verified.

Does that mean that gsa will ignore MY VERIFIED LINKS with history/cache deleted? or gsa will post again even on the links/domains that were verified before.

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    SER will never submit twice to a site as long as you do not have the scheduled posting option checked AND if you have already a verified link on that site.


  • RegalRegal Romania
    Thank you!

    I already found a way to remove verified links though (not because gsa will post again but because gsa would post on the verified links from another 2.0 project which is pointed to the same money site and that would be  bad..)
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