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Outsource Your SER Needs - Starting from $9 -TierUp!

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Still here ? You really want to outsource your SER work , don't you ?

This sales thread thread is not going to be 'salesy'. It's not going to guarantee #1 spot on the SERPs or anything ridiculous.

I am pretty sure a tonne of people buy GSA SER - a piece of art by Sven btw - and end up getting caught up in the vicious cycle of proxies , emails , VPS(s) and dedicated servers . Once you sort these you will need to scrape and provide targets on a regular basis  .Oh yea and you need to scrape content and project data too.  All of this , just to juice up the citations you have been building or the stubborn web 2.0 which refuse to index.

Why do you need SER in your life ?

·         Juice up your tier one properties

·         Index those citations

·         Show some love to your ORM client

·         Go curazy on your money site . I don't but you can if you are one of those guys .

This is where I come in . Offering value has always been my goal as a service provider and that I will do justice here  . Save time and money by outsourcing your SER needs . Work on your business instead . Spend time with your family . Or hit the gym. Or watch a movie.Or take a short nap.Or pet the neighbour's new puppy . Or idk , just chill okay ?

Introducing TierUp!

Just another fancy name really.

So why is TierUp so awesome  ?

·       Super cool client panel to buy blasts and drip feeds - No more MS Excel  to log your projects

·       Blazing Fast TAT - Like a day or something

·       Top notch lists - I scrape lists . I buy lists . If my SER links don't work , nobody else's will .

·       I can brag about the low prices but I won't. Something about people equating low prices to low quality . So instead ,  AWESOME prices .

·       I don't make low quality targets the bulk of the blasts nor do i skimp out on the uniqueness of the blasts .

·       I overdeliver. Being generous is in my DNA.That's what my dada taught me.

Also feel free to add me on Skype "ccoolsat" (AB) if you need anything clarified. Also check out the FAQ page here .

Packages and Prices :


Starting from $9


starting from $14


starting at $24 /month - under a dollar a day!

Order Now!


Use "GSAFORUM" code for a juicy discount ! 

PM me if you anything custom,


  • hey

    How many links per day ? If i go with 2nd package (contextual )
  • edited June 2016
    Hey Abel123

    I think I wasn't clear enough with the packages. 

    There are three types 

    TierUp Mix 

    This is the typical SER blast with every single platform checked .Though I am bound to mention that the blast will not get links from platforms which I deem as low quality and don't personally use . (RSS/Exploits/Pingbacks,Referrers,adult video)  

    TierUp mix got four packages as given below

    15000+ links - $9
    40000+ links - $18
    100000+ links - $27
    200000+ links  - $44

    TierUp Articles

    These are purely contextual links. No comments or trackbacks or profiles. There is just one package in this one . 15,000 links for $14 .


    There are two packages in this one. 

    • 3000  Mixed Links a day for 30 days( a total of 90,000 links neatly dripped)  at $39 a month. 
    • 1000 Contextual Links a day for 30 days ( a total of 30,000 links neatly dripped ) at $24 a month

    Of course discounts apply on all the prices stated above.

    I have stated some points on the FAQ page as well over here

    Basically you can opt to not get reports in exchange for higher quality targets. If you are particular on receiving reports then you can get them.This is done to prevent misuse of reports since they can double up as lists.

  • Still available and open for orders
  • @spammasta

    are you still open for orders ? Added you on Skype.
  • How many urls accepted with the cheapest package. You should provide upper quality because people sell 30000 link blasts on fiverr.
  • Do you provide Negative Links?
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