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Hi Friends, I need help with GSA and the GSA products?

I bought gsa 2 years now its nice program but i just cant bring it to the next lvl like other guys that i have seen so can anyone contact me through skype and explain my questions i would appriciate it 

Skype: crystalboosting

or link your skype so we can have a text chat and hope my answers will be answered


  • shaunshaun
    Just post your questions here.
  • E4477E4477 Switzerland
    how to set all gsa and how does it work now in 2016 since things have changed need a guide from anyone who uses g2a 2016 settings
  • What you want to achieve with SER?
  • Yes I would like to see the setting used after the google updates and some advise along with it if possible. I have got great help from the forum in the past and appreciate you guys taking the time to respond, keep up the great work.

  • E4477E4477 Switzerland
    Skype: elif.xhezairi

    PLS need help still no one wont help i will pay to get the best out of GSA i have  gsa indexer redirecter capcha and gsa ser  pls  add me someone and explain me how gsa work in 2016 today without being penalized from google or stuff pls need expert help  that can help me with disavow tool too thanks a lot.
  • shaunshaun
    Mate you are going to get scammed, the best attitude to have with SEO is take the info freely available online and then test it over and over again.

    Noone is going to give you what you are asking.
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