Skip to content has a lot of issues right now. What are the alternatives?

For the last 2 days it has been a nightmare when it comes to The accounts are getting banned in a few hours since starting the projects
What other alternatives beside a catachall services are there?
Yahoo its ok but at $30/1k is freaking expensive. Other low cost solutions available?


  • @gopo2k

    Dude wtf where in the world are you paying 30 bucks for 1k

    Most of us get them from and pay 3 USD /1000

    Whoever has been selling you those has been ripping you the f off. . .
  • donchinodonchino
    @BigGulpsHuhWelp he said Yahoo $30/1k ... you just run new list for few days, then delete the failed ones and others are good to continue
    I bought ru 1000 email email packages at cheap prices. but now we have pretty much shut down, there are services that can survive longer? . Since 1000 mail can not be used up within 2 weeks
  • Whoops... yeah misread that.
  • Use Yandex mail. 
  • buy a shit ton of .xyz's put a catch all on each of them, generate s list of users mix it all up and spread them over projects. Check they are not blacklisted and kiill off as they do

    best solution.
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