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i need to get email from only one part

pham dinh dapham dinh da Viet Nam
edited June 2016 in GSA Email Spider
i need to get email from only but when scanning its includes everything (all emails) of this just like or
i need help cause my target customer is in


  • SvenSven
    Options->Filter->URL must have-> right click->add->*
  • thanks you so much. i did it. but  i have also some problems that i really clearly donot understand that i wanna get your ideas.

    in options what should i do to configure to get most target emails in target sites 

    how to combine how deep to parse this site with how deep to parse external sites to get most emails in target sites. 
    for example: parse everything ( every link)  vs  donot parse
                       parse everything ( every link)  vs  only one page
                       parse everything ( every link)  vs  only 1 level deep (sublink)
                       parse everything ( every link)  vs  custom level
                       parse everything ( every link)  vs  parse everything ( every link)
                         or anything else....
    thanks you in advance.
  • SvenSven
    Well this setting is different for every website. You can of course set it to parse every link but that is usually not required and just taking too much time.

    You should just count the clicks you have to do when surfing the website manually to a point where the emails are located. Thats the "custom level" here.

    Also understand that "external sites" are all of that who do not match the domain of the URL entered in "Use URL as Start".
  • thanks you too much for your ideas. i wanna ask a question more....

    when scanning email from target sites...should i combine filter with proxy or something else with proxy?

    thanks you!
  • SvenSven
    combine filter with proxy? Sorry I don't get that!?
  • thanks you. :) so much.

    and when scanning mail should i use proxy or not ?
  • SvenSven
    I would always use it without proxies if it works for your provide.
  • thanks sven
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