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Can you give me advice on my competition?

hello everyone, i want to ask some questions and get everyone's advice.

so i will be starting a new business soon. so of course i want to use the internet and help my business. i have done multiple campaigns before that were just churn and burn with spun content. of course since this is my own business i will be using strictly hand made original content. i have my own opinion on my situation but i am here to ask about all of your opinions. right now, i am viewing my competition.

i have used long tail pro and there are a lot of keywords that i have seen that have a moz competition keyword rating of 35 and under with medium or low competition. there are a few people who are consistently in the top 10 for these keywords. the top 10 domains for these keywords usually have about over 70,000 pages indexed with google and seems to have been doing this for awhile(few people have been in this for over 10 years) so obviously they are established. by the way, these keywords all have under 1 million page search results. I wish i had google's pagerank to measure and gauge all of the competition but since google is not sharing pagerank anymore(or removed or whatever) i have to think a little more.

in all of your past experiences, if you have ever been in this type of situation with these type of numbers. what would your preminary conclusion be? Would you say it is on the harder side? easier side? How would you approach it? if there is anymore information you need or would like let me know. any opinion is welcome, thank you.

I asked this question in bhw too but I use SER everyday so maybe all you can help me too. by the way if you don't think this thread belongs in this category then feel free to move it. I don't know what category to put this thread in other than "off-topic". but people might not see it there.

thank you everyone.


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