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Using SER to build PR

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Hey all, just wondering if you've seen much improvement of PageRank on your sites since using SER.  I've only been running it for a month or so, so I haven't really seen any on my sites.  But I was curious if you guys that have been running it for a while have seen any good numbers.


  • ronron

    GSA typically won't affect PR because most new links from the various platforms are mostly PR NA. Of course you could have a project to build blog comments with a high PR filter, and that could help with your PR.

    Just remember that PR doesn't correlate with good rankings. But page authority (as popularized by Moz) does correlate with good rankings, and SER does a great job of helping you out with that.  

  • Thanks @Ron.  I do realize that PR and good rankings are two very different things.  I have monetized sites before by selling links on high PR pages, and  was just considering that as another revenue stream.
  • hey @ron, how you get page authority with SER
  • If you look at the page rank patient you can see that page pr forms only a small percentage of how pr funnels through links. Domain pr depending on how many links deep to get to your link also factors highly. To answer the op's question, every site I use ser on has pr ranging from 2-3 after about 6 months. That's using quality over quantity in regards to settings/filters do yes, it can help push pr up.
  • how did my post get up there?!?
  • ronron

    It happens naturally with linkbuilding and age. Linkjuice ends up passing authority, so all those tiers really help in addition to direct links.

    If you need to know more you really should go to seomoz - I know they discuss it somewhere on their site - hell, they invented it. (They didn't invent authority, just their own measure of it.)

  • Thanks @takeachance .  I had a feeling the PR would move up, just wasn't sure how much.  It makes sense that filtering the higher PR links would help that.
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