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Automatically choose URLs from engines used in projects tick box for folder loading.

Evening @Sven,

Another one that I consider to be a massive improvement.

Is there any chance you could add a tick box in the options tab of projects on the how to get target URLs sub header that duplicates the "Automatically choose URLs from engines used in projects" function when right clicking and loading from site lists?

If my understanding of how SER pulls target URLs from the folders is correct then this will help increase LPM a fair amount. Having it in a tick box will also allow users to leave it off if they wish so they can use it for identified URL verification and have SER pull the whole folder in to see if a url was miss identified and run it through each platform.




  • SvenSven
    sorry but I don't understand what this should do!?
  • shaunshaun
    edited June 2016
    I will try to explain @sven.

    Say I have just built my T2 or T3 projects, I right click and import from sitelists. This only pulls the target URLs into the projects from the folders based on the platforms I have selected and leaves all the rest out. Lets say that in these projects I only have blog comments selected, my verified list is 10,000 urls and out of them say 1000 are blog comments.

    I then press start, SER blasts through these 1000 target URLs at lightning speed as there is no articles, wikis or any of that inserted into its target URLs, every target is a required platform and the projects can post to it.

    As I understand it, not 100% sure if this is right but I have ran some tests and it seems to be. Once these 1000 targets have been posted too, say I have "continiue to post to sites that failed" ticked and set the projects to pull new target URLs from the verified folder. SER will now start loading all platforms from the verified folder into the projects. All 10,000, but because of the selected platforms in the project only 1000 are usable in the projects so 90% of the target URLs are a waste. Am I right in that this is the way it is currently done?

    If the tick box to only pull selected platforms into the projects is available then SER will only reload the 1000 blog comment targets in and try the ones that failed. This process loops over and over making sure only usable target URLs are imported into the project keeping LPM high.

    I ran tests with the current SER, basically having my regular verified list and running projects and then removing all files appart from the blog comment files and the LPM was much higher so this is what lead me to think that SER runs this way. If I am wrong then sorry for wasting your time :p.
  • SvenSven
    I carefully checked the code again and it is only importing URLs from the engines you have selected in the project. So even if you have 10000 URLs from all engines, it is unly importing those who are from engines that have been chosen.
  • shaunshaun
    No problem thanks for confirming that.
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