Engine selection based on video embeds

I am trying to get videos embeded in articles. Even though I use option insert videos in article manager but still not getting any videos on my articles. Is it possible to make a selection of engines that allow videos in articles ? @Sven I know this is going to be difficult but hoping for the best


  • @Sven Now the video is on the rise, I have channels with nearly 500k users, and have to be using FCS to create pbn and put the videos because it has option for it, you say the name of the channel and grabs you the videos.

    I think it would add a new video for this software, whether you give a list of Embed videos, as if you tell a channel and go taking videos and adding them to the articles.

    @Sven I think this would give a lot back to GSA shove, if I had options for video.
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    @porlapatria ;
    Thanks for the input. Currently I get approx 500 embeds if I build around 5000 article links. So afte building 5000 links I have to saperate the links that got embeds. I use scrapbox alive link checker to find embeds but it takes too much time. Also the default option that gsa ser has in article manager also not getting videos embeded in lots of articles
  • AsimNawaz how do you check video embeds in Scrapebox alive check. Any pointer plz..
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    @sunnyjk Check for the embed link of your video
    https:// www.youtube.com/embed/TKo6XesfgXU

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