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Too Much " No Engine Match " Error With The Site List Imported From ScrapeBox

Hi i have recently purchased ScrapeBox and using it to make Own sitelist but when i m using it in gsa ser for link building i m getting lot of No Engine Match Error though i am using footprints of GSA SER itself.Any Help Please?

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  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Well I don't know how ScrapeBox works and if they really check the content they grab for the actual keyword. I guess they take every link a search engine reply delivers.
    Im sure you did that yourself as wellin the browser and when doing this you often get back something like "sorry nothing found x y z, but we found x and z.", followed by the listing.
    That would explain why things delivered by ScrapeBox are not always matching.
    Also note that not every footprint delivers the site SER expects.
    A footprint is not always unique to the engine supported.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    You have a build in tool in SER (options->advanced->tools).
    Though using Scrapebox is OK if you just use the right settings I guess. However as I do not own that software, I can hardly give any advises on that. Maybe someone else can.

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Well you have GSA Proxy Scraper with a build in search engine parser. However this is not the main tool in it and I haven't put too much work onto that yet.
  • Accepted Answer
    this is a really basic thing. but did you sort and identify the list before you put it into SER??

    scrapebox will scrape all kinds of crap. thats why there is GSA platform identifier to determine what links are engines ser can post to.

    SER itself has ability to do this itself within the program as well under the options


  • Hi Sven Thank you for the reply so which software i should use for garbing sites for making backlinks through GSA SER.I am working on music blogs and youtube videos..why not you make a separate software for scraping sitelist for GSA SER..Or any other idea please? 
  • Hi Sven Thanks for reply..Please make a new tool for scraping sites as this inbuilt tool is slow and grab only few sites though those sites are offcourse high quality but very less in numbers so please develop a separate tool for site scraping.Thanks.
  • Should i purchase GSA Proxy Scraper and use that for making site list for gsa ser? If you are planning to do some work on that please advise.Or any other main tool you are planning to develop?Thanks.
  • Thanks kijix84 for helping
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