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How To Make GSA find forum related to my keyword

Sven , I need help , can you please guide me ,how to make GSA find target forum based on my keyword?

Example, Search Keyword is health , then GSA should find health related forum only

Waiting for reply


  • SvenSven
    you need to use the option to always use your keyword along with the footprints when searching. Thats an option below the search engine selection box.
  • Sven , Yes i already done that , but GSA is scraping all irrelevant forum, Till now not a single forum is related to keyword.
  • SvenSven
    then it might get the targets you use any other option below that box? Maybe make a screenshot.

    There is however another option that will check keywords on the target urls before posting...its next to the link-type box in project options->filter.
  • Like , I used keyword related to piano related and GSA posted on game related forum.

    Again , i used health related keyword but GSA posting to all other non related forum
  • Sven, I have unchecked all the option like use URL from sitelist etc , But still all link are irrelevant.

    Also i thought of using keywords on the target urls but my question is ..... Suppose

    My site is and keyword is : weightloss tips

    And target url found is suppose:

    So there is no weightloss tips keyword in the URL or body text but fat burning is also related to weightloss.

    So how GSA will deal such type of situation,

    I think may potential target will get skip if i use that option.

    BTW below is my setting
  • edited June 2016

    Sven  As u suggested i tried your suggestion i.e checked keywords on the target urls before posting,

    And i suspected, all relevant and irreverent targets getting skipped , submission went to 0.

    I can see , that only for article and comment , using keyword to find target is working but not for forum.

    Ant type of help will be great
  • SvenSven
    well it works like this...
    1. search for targets according to your settings
    2. filtering like checking for keywords on the found site
    3. then it submits using the detected engine.

    However on that forum posting it can also create topics not relevant to the keyword you want as it is creating a new site/profile whatsoever.
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